ProfileBuilder Free Edition

Availability: Free
Latest Version: 1.0
Release Date:
Works in: Win & Mac
With SketchUp Versions: Any
Plugin ID: 767

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Profile Builder is like the Follow Me tool on steroids. It has been designed for professionals who want to model intelligent building materials with extreme speed and accuracy. It may forever change the way you model with SketchUp.

Compatible with:

  • Windows systems SU6 and up.
  • Mac systems SU7 and up


  • Ability to define and save custom profiles Note: This feature is disabled in the free version
  • Intelligent modelling of real building materials
  • Automatic orientation of profile extrusion along any path
  • Ability to edit a path and automatically update the extrusion
  • Full control of profile orientation placement point, rotation, offsets, etc. along a path
  • Profile Member Path Inferencing PMPI
  • Automatic edge smoothing
  • Export material quantity reports
  • Downloadable profile libraries
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