LSS Matrix

Availability: Free
Latest Version: 1.0 beta
Release Date: 04/08/2012
Works in: Win only
With SketchUp Versions: v.8 M2, v.8 M1, v.8, v.7
Plugin ID: 515

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It is an extension of Sketchup, which allows advanced copying of groups and component instances.


  • Unpack contents of «Plugins» subfolder into SketchUp «Plugins» subfolder
  • Unpack contents of «Resouces» subfolder into SketchUp «Resources» subfolder
  • Enable ‘LSS Matrix Toolbar’: choose Sketchup Main Menu>> View>> Toolbars>> LSS Matrix Toolbar


«LSS Matrix» has preprocessing stage:
it is necessary to make an initial copy instance and «controlling» copy instance(s) before «LSS Matrix» dialog launching.
After preparations:
  • Choose Plugins>> LSS Matrix>> Lss Matrix Dialog command from the main menu or click appropriate button of «LSS Toolbar»
  • Pick the initial instance
  • Pick copy instance(s)
  • Adjust settings
  • Click «Apply» to generate array of copies

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