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Availability: Trial
Latest Version: 1.0.2
Release Date: 01/01/2015
Works in: Win only
With SketchUp Versions: Any
Plugin ID: 1016

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Walk through your SketchUp file as easily as you would play a board game. edddison enables you to advertise, sell and plan construction projects using touch devices and mixed reality technology


Interactive 3D apps are great for involving buyers and stakeholders in the sales and communication process. As we all know, this is crucial to winning or losing a pitch.

“The problem is to handle and navigate 3D apps with mouse and keyboard. It is tricky and requires special skills.”

edddison makes it easy to walk through a building, see a space from almost any perspective and discuss design decisions before starting to build or manufacture. Particularly for people without a technical background.

Users of the application 

edddison enables real estate developers, sales reps, architects and builders to advertise, sell and plan construction projects using touchscreens, tablets and mixed reality technologies. edddison fits seamlessly into existing applications such as BIM (building informational models), visualization, digital prototyping and serious games.

edddison is a platform

To work with edddison you need the SketchUp plug-in and the edddison software, available at edddison.com

edddison consists of three parts

  • SketchUp plug-in
  • Easy-to-use editor for creating outstanding 3D presentations in a few clicks and without programming skills.
  • Control your 3D view using webcam, tangible objects and printed plans, touch devices like Android and iPad.
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