Availability: Free
Latest Version: 1.1 beta
Release Date: 03/28/2012
Works in: Win only
With SketchUp Versions: v.8 M2, v.8 M1, v.7
Plugin ID: 501

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Description: Extension for Google Sketchup written on Ruby. Its goal is to test insolation duration and SVF.

1) install the program using installer or unpack files from zip-file:

  • “chronolux_ext.rb” and “Chronolux” folder unpack to Google Sketchup “Plugins” folder
  • “chronolux.strings” and “chronolux” folder from “Resources/en-US” unpack to Google Sketchup “Resources/en-US” forlder

2) enable “LSS Chronolux Toolbar” Sketchup Main Menu>>View>>Toolbars>> LSS Chronolux Toolbar
3) open a Sketchup model, where insolation and/or SVF testing is to be made (model has to be geo-located)
3) add some test points to perform insolation and/or SVF testing


Version 1.1 updates.
New features:
- Interactive Resize Tool
- Pick Test Surface Tool
- Pick Window Face Tool”
- Global Settings dialog
- Time Settings dialog
- Refresh command works properly even if test points were added inside a group
- Report maker generates report without duplicating information about SVF and WVF

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