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Have you ever noticed that the walls in the rooms of your SketchUp models can look a little bare? As if the room isn’t quite finished yet? Often, this is because the model is lacking original art on the walls – the kind you’d want to have up if you were really there. ARTmineSKP has the answer! Using this plugin, you can browse thousands of original fine artworks from inside your SketchUp model, choose the ones that are right for you or your client, and insert them right onto your walls.

The works are available to purchase, so if you or your client fall in love with a piece and just have to have it for the real life room, simply get in touch with the gallery! If you’re a registered user (and registration is free, so why wouldn’t you be) you can even view the art you’ve chosen, and print or email a list of the artworks to your client, all from inside SketchUp.

ARTmineSKP is so easy to use – as you can see in this instruction video. Give it a try; you might be surprised by what a difference it makes to your model!


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