Artlandia SymmetryMill for SketchUp: Interactive Texture Editor

Availability: Free
Latest Version: 1.0
Release Date: 03/21/2013
Works in: Win & Mac
With SketchUp Versions: v.8 M3, v.8 M2, v.8 M1, v.8, v.7
Plugin ID: 899

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Artlandia SymmetryMill for SketchUp turns SymmetryMill into SketchUp’s interactive texture editor. Easily create seamless repeating patterns in SymmetryMill and instantly apply them as textures to your SketchUp models. Then interactively refine your patterns and see the linked models dynamically update as you edit. Use your own pattern creations or free patterns from Pattern Central, Artlandia’s public repository of repeating patterns.

Live SymmetryMill patterns can be repositioned, distorted, painted on curved surfaces, and otherwise be used as usual in SketchUp.

The plug-in is free; it works in SketchUp 8 (or 7), Free or Pro, and with the free or full (paid) version of SymmetryMill.

About Artlandia

Artlandia: Pattern design tools for Illustrator, Photoshop, browsers, and SketchUp.
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