Installer for SketchUp

Download and install the Plugin Browser Plugin (sounds a bit redundant, doesn’t it?) using the links at the end of this page. It adds to SketchUp a menu item “Find and Install Plugins…” (under the “Window” menu) that opens a browser window. You can then search or browse for plugins on this site and directly download and install any plugin right from within SketchUp.

A plugin for which the author has submitted a download link will show an “Install Plugin” button on its page. Click this button to install the plugin in SketchUp. Please note: If you browse this website outside of SketchUp, a “Download” button will be shown instead that allows you to download the file.

After clicking the install button, the installation process will be explained in a dialog. Click OK to continue.

After downloading the plugin’s RBZ file, return to SketchUp where a dialog allows you to select that file and start SketchUp’s built-in installer process. You should then see a dialog like this one. Click “Yes” to start the installation.

Afterwards, the newly installed plugin will be available in SketchUp. Look for this menu item in the Window menu:

If you want to compare version numbers of installed plugins (SketchUp also calls them “Extensions”) with what is offered on this site, click on “Show currently installed Plugins” to open SketchUp’s extension manager. Due to the nature of SketchUp’s extension system, be aware that not all plugins might show up in this dialog.

Download and Install:

pbrowser_plugin.RBZ (v. 0.6 – Win & Mac)

pbrowser_plugin.ZIP (v. 0.6 – Win & Mac)

Choose the RBZ download provided above and save the plugin file somewhere on your computer. Then go to SketchUp’s Preferences window and select the Extensions tab (shown in the last image above). Then click on “Install Extension…” and browse to the plugin file. It will then automatically be installed.

Please note that you will need v.8 M2 (maintenance release 2) of SketchUp or newer to have the installer functionality available. If you are running an older version, upgrade SketchUp here first.

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