Submit your Plugin(s)

Submitting a SketchUp plugin/extension (or any other relevant add-on software) to this database is very easy. Simply follow the steps below to add your plugin to the index.

Optional: If you want your plugin to also be available for download (through the download button or the Plugin Loader Plugin) then you must have done two things before you start:

  1. Package your plugin’s files into an RBZ file.This is actually just a compressed ZIP folder with a re-named file extension. Here are some instructions:
    1. Take whichever files and folders make up your plugin, arrange them exactly the way they would have to be copied into the SketchUp Plugins folder and add them to a compressed folder (using any compression software you like, e.g. 7-ZIP).
    2. Then re-name the extension from ZIP to RBZ.
  2. Host the plugin installer file somewhere on the web. You can host it on your own site, on GitHub or Google Code or use a forum like SketchUcation for this. Alternatively, you could also add it to a public Dropbox folder. The file just has to be available at an accessible URL.

Then do this:

  1. Register on this website using the form in the footer of this page.
  2. After you log into the administrative area, look for a menu item on the left called “SU Plugins”. Expand it by clicking on the little arrow. You can then either browse uploaded plugins by clicking on the “SU Plugins” link or add a new one by clicking on “Add SU Plugin”.
  3. Add all the relevant plugin information into the form. Use the main area for a description, screenshots, tutorials etc. You may even add images or videos (maximum upload size is limited to 500 kB – host anything larger somewhere else). Don’t forget to add the metadata into the appropriate form boxes as well, including the URL of the plugin installer file. You do not have to add all of the information. Just add whatever you deem necessary. For example, if no download URL is provided, the download button will not show up on the website.
    For help on the visual editor, check out this page.
  4. Add your plugin to one or more categories and add tags if you like. This will make it easier for people to find it.
  5. Click on “Submit for Review”.
  6. An administrator will review the submission (to prevent spam and inappropriate uploads) within a few hours and then publish it. Please note that the plugin itself will NOT be reviewed here, just the content of the post. Also be aware that you are fully responsible for the content you provide. Do not post any copyright-infringing materials or offensive material. You can find a link to the Terms of Service in the footer of this page.
  7. After publication you can log in at any point and edit content created by you. Your plugin will show up in the list of plugins in the administrative area and you will get an “Edit Page” link at the top of each webpage on this site that you own.

Please Note:

Inappropriate (non plugin-related and/or offensive) content will be removed and may result in the user getting banned from the site.

Your Plugin is Already in the Index?

If your plugin has already been submitted to this index by someone else and you want to take over its entry so that you can manage plugin information, updates etc., then follow these steps:

  1. Register on this site using the form in the footer.
  2. Email me your username and the plugin index entry’s URL together with some proof that this is your plugin (e.g. a link to your own website).
  3. I will then reassign the entry to you and you can edit it to your liking.


If you are submitting many plugins, then add the following bookmarklet to your browser as a convenient shortcut. Just drag the link to your browser’s bookmarks bar (don’t click it yet!). When you are then on a plugin’s webpage that you want to submit, click on the bookmark to open a window with the title, URL and any selected text pre-filled in the content area.

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